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Welcome to Advanced Robot Solutions

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Advanced Robot Solutions (ARS) is C-Level’s best source for addressing virtually any Robot, Artificial Intelligence and IoT business application and situation. We have the know-how and are constantly researching the newest and best solutions.

We love what we do and we are passionate about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

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01. Hospitals

ARS has the right robot for your hospital's needs. We have robots that are specially designed for hospitals that will act as greeters, educators, entertainers or comforters. Let us help you create a better hospital experience.

03. Businesses

We have experience finding the best robot for businesses. Tell us what you want a robot to do and we will find the correct robot and software that will best suit your needs.

02. Airports

Our robots are located in airports across the globe. We have the tools and expertise to create a robot that fits your airport's needs and heightens your customer experience. Be on the forefront of technology and innovation with us.

04. Trade Shows

Our robots are hits at trade shows and events. Let us bring a robot to you to get your company the attention it deserves while having a little fun. A rental through us is proven to generate a high ROI.

Some of our Recent Projects

See some of the robots in action!

Our Robots in the San Jose Airport

We have three robots in the San Jose Airport where they entertain and inform the travelers.

See our Robots in the 2018 Olympics!

The 2018 Winter Olympics will have a little help from some advanced robots! See our robots in action as they act as translators and entertainers for athletes and fans.

Our Robots in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Our robots assist the TSA agents in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, where they make waiting in lines quicker and more fun.

The Future is Here

Come Join Us.

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Through Research, Creative Ideas, Strategy & Action!

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